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WOW Experience Center

“It’s the little things that make the big things possible. Only close attention to the fine details of any operation makes the operation first class.” J. Willard Marriott

Every project is important to us, even the smaller ones. Here is one example from our island – Saaremaa, Estonia.

In 2020, the WOW experience center was opened in Kuressaare.

According to the makers, it is the biggest tourism project in Saaremaa in ten years, the aim of which is to attract more family tourists to the island by offering them alternative pastimes even in bad weather and all year round. It has ​​4,000 square meters of floor area.

Glassense delivered around 750m2 of triple glazed glass units. There was a lot of different shaped glasses. For solar protection greenish Cool-Lite ST450 was chosen.

ST450 is a dual-coated glass offering a long-term and effective low maintenance solution. The most important feature of this glass is the very good solar protection. The solar energy that penetrates the interior is reduced, and you make considerable saving with the costs for air conditioning.

WOW experience center

About the building

The building is built in a modern, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly way. For example, the heat generated from the grocery store’s refrigerators will be reused to heat the rest of the building. There is also a solar park on the center’s roof, which supplies the center with electricity.

This building supports and strengthens the value offered to Saaremaa’s visitors.

Half of the WOW experience center is a shopping Center with 1,440 square meters of rental space. The WOW Center is divided into five areas: active area, water area, energy area, simulator area and children’s area.

WOW experience center is a great place to spend meaningful time with children and friends. Also obtain new experiences. Visitors can use the exhibits independently as much as possible and they require as little guidance as possible.