fbpx Glassense recent investment - a new tempering furnace

Glassense’s recent investment: a new state-of-the-art tempering furnace

To be able to fulfil Glassense’s growth plans, Glassense must invest even despite of economic depression. Our biggest investment this summer was a new state-of-the-art glass tempering furnace for Tartu production.

The new tempering furnace makes it possible to temper most types of glass on the market within the thickness of 4-19 mm and with dimensions up to 2.85 x 5 m, to achieve stronger, safer, and shatter-proof glass. After installing the furnace, the factory can process glasses of up to 13-14 m2 in size. Including laminated glass and energy-saving glass units that meet the requirements established in different countries. The Northglass’s fifth generation tempering furnace works on the so-called hot air convection principle, which is currently the best existing technology on the market.

The quality of all toughened glasses are checked with an Osprey 10 quality scanner made in the US, and the quality data of the glasses are recorded. In essence, a glass scanner is a polariscope for measuring internal stresses within the glass, which checks for anisotropy. Thanks to the parallel camera system, the Osprey 10 can also measure the general bending of tempered glass and 15 other types of optical distortion.

As a result of strong preliminary work, the installation was made very quickly. In the end of June, the oven was still sailing on the sea inside seven sea containers, but on July 25th, the first glasses were already tempered.

tempering furnace
Northglass tempering furnace