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Victoria Tower

The Victoria Tower is a skyscraper hotel located in the Kista district of Stockholm, Sweden. At 118-meters high, it is one of the tallest in Scandinavia. Designed by Wingårdh Arkitektkontor AB, the building is wrapped entirely in a cloak of glass, standing like a lighthouse along the road between Stockholm and the city’s airport.

The parallelogram shape of the tower is topped by a rectangular cuboid. It allows the upper floors to cantilever over the main form of the building, emphasising its geometry.

The tessellated facade of the building is clad entirely in colored glass – an irregular arrangement of coloured triangular panes. This gives the facade its unique character. Two-thirds of the walls are fully insulated. This allows the tower to appear as a colorful prism in its geometry and materiality while meeting the needs for energy conservation.

Glassense produced glass units with Guardian HP and Solar coatings in bronze, amber, blue colors to be used in unitized façade system. Glass processing challenges were involved with different shapes, roller coating and laminating.

Victoria Tower

Due to the nature of the reflective, colorful glazing, the view of the building changes with the viewer’s perspective. Changes in daylight, weather and season also affect the expression of the facade, creating a new and unique experience for every visitor.

The goal was to achieve a uniform appearance of dense and open sectors. Thin layers of metal oxides on the glass panels have been used to provide insulation. At the construction, pre-glazed modules with eight triangles each were lifted and joined into the frame.

Victoria Tower stands out among its neighbours and acts as an icon of the surrounding area. The tower serves a nearby office park with conference and office facilities. Also provides a hotel with around 200 rooms.