The Park Sesol

A new headquarters for Sesol & Sekraft at Södra Stigamo outside Jönköping. The companies Sesol & Sekraft are comprehensive partners when it comes to investments in green energy, such as solar cells, batteries, IMD and electric car chargers. This building will become a landmark for the development of green energy in Sweden.

An impressive building of just over 26,000m2 where offices coexist with central warehouse, gym, restaurant, and conference rooms.

Glassense delivered around 2300m2 of glass units. All triangular shapes that create a unique looks to the façade.

There were double glazed units with tempered glass from the outside and laminated SGG Planitherm XN inside.

Planitherm ensures the highest performance in terms of energy efficiency and day-light. On one hand it reduces noticeable the energy consumption, heating costs and as a consequence the CO2 emissions. On the other hand, it provides a comfortable indoor climate even in winter, thanks to the effective use of sunlight.

The property will house over 400 office spaces. It will also be equipped with a central warehouse of approximately 14,500m2 that will supply all offices in Sweden. Also approximately 100–150 local solar cell installers and electricians with material.

Solar cells and electric car chargers will also be installed on the property, and it will be environmentally certified according to Miljöbyggnad silver. The Park Sesol will, among other things, house its own restaurant, padel courts and a sports hall, making the head office more than just a workplace.