fbpx Glassense - Rhodes House Garden Pavilion

Rhodes House “Garden Pavilion”

Some buildings don’t need windows or exterior walls since they are ALL glass!

During the renovations of Oxford University, a pavilion will be built in the garden – “Garden Pavilion“. The glass pavilion is designed to sit on the lawns that are located west of the house. The sculpture-like pavilion creates additional covering space for scholar events, meetings and outdoor events held by the Rhodes Trust.

Our jumbo-size IGU line allows us to assemble up to 3210x6000mm glass units and in this example it shows. The thick 12mm Guardian SNX60+ is combined with a 21,52mm SentryGlas in-house laminated glass. It gives the exterior the strength and elegance it needs.

Rhodes House Garden Pavilion

SentryGlas is a type of interlayer that is five times stronger and up to 100 times stiffer than conventional laminating materials. This allows for some more extreme environments. Also higher loads to affect the glass without any problems.

Rhodes House Garden Pavilion

All glasses were heat soak tested. Heat Soak Test is applied to minimize the risk of spontaneous breakage due to Nickel Sulfide Factor (NIS). The purpose of this test is to enable the potential sulfide inclusion to unleash the tension with high heat that may arise in the future and make the glass breaks by itself in the test phase.

The architect Stanton Williams’ project will restore the original building as well as making it more sustainable, reorganizing the site and adding new facilities.

In Autumn 2020, the Rhodes Trust received planning permission for an ambitious new development, to transform the listed 1929 Rhodes House building by updating and improving its infrastructure and adding a world-class convening center. The redevelopment of Rhodes House will be finished in 2023.