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Norra Tornen – Innovation & Helix tower

Glassense has been involved in the making of another energy efficient building.

Norra Tornen are a pair of high-rise apartment buildings located in Vasastaden district of Stockholm, Sweden. The two towers are the highest residential buildings in Stockholm’s city center.

For solar protection and energy saving on the East and West side, Guardian SunGuard® SN 70/37 was selected for its high natural light transmission. To minimize the need for artificial light and offer outstanding thermal insulation – SunGuard® SN 51/28 was chosen for the South facade.

In order to offer an exceptional level of light transmission and reduce the need for artificial lighting, ClimaGuard® Premium2 coated glass was chosen for the windows on the North side. This glass also allows a higher amount of natural daylight into residential spaces.

Norra Tornen

Most of the glazing were triple insulating units with sound control laminates. Low-iron glass is also used to achieve a more neutral appearance.

Concrete at Norra Tornen comes in the form of prefabricated panels – a construction technique that allows work on the building site to continue even below the five-degree Celsius limit. Prefabrication also significantly reduced construction costs.

About Tornen towers

The eastern tower is 125 m tall, consisting of 36 floors. The west tower opened in 2020 and is 110 m tall, with 33 floors. The complex contains 300 residential units. Chosen material, ribbed colored concrete brushed with exposed multi-colored aggregate pebbles, echoes brutalist architecture. Brutalist buildings are characterized by minimalist constructions that showcase the bare building materials and structural elements over decorative design. Norra Tornen introduces a new way of living which brings together density with the possibility to enjoy outdoor space.