fbpx Glassense - building for a full-sized ship - The Hurtigruten Museum

Iconic building for a full-sized ship – The Hurtigruten Museum

Glassense have been involved in the making of another interesting project – The Hurtigruten Musem in Stokmarknes, Norway. A ship named MS Finnmarken from 1956 has been restored and got itself glass museum built around.

MS Finnmarken ship is almost 140 meters long. In the museum facade there are used double-glazed windows with self-cleaning glass combined with sun protection – dual coated Pilkington Suncool 66/33 Pro T + Active. Pilkington Active exterior glass requires less frequent cleaning, which saves on maintenance costs for glass facades. Highly selective solar protection glass with low specularity and high light transmission provides a high level of natural light inside and a comfortable environment for the ship.

In order to increase safety, laminated glass was chosen for the inner layer of the insulating glass unit. The multilayer glass has impact-resistant properties. If broken, it does not shatter into pieces, as it is held in place by PVB film.

The Hurtigruten Museum

The glass and steel structure which surrounds the ship and ensures the safety of visitors has an area of 3,600 square meters.

Inside The Hurtigruten Museum

MS Finnmarken proudly stands as a monument to Norway’s coastal history. Stokmarknes is the birthplace of the Hurtigruta coastal express operations. Inside the glass building you can visit the bridge, the galley, the engine rooms, old cabins and more. There you can encounter the fascinating stories and lives of seamen, founders and passengers. You can experience the atmosphere of different eras, even the dining room from 1956 serves drinks and meals.

MS Finnmarken