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Keele University Innovation Centre

Glassense has the technological capability for glass processing that is among the best in the market. One of our capacity is digital in-glass printing. With #Dip-Tech ceramic printers you can print anything from simple dots to a full range of complex continues patterns and pictures over the entire facade. This gives you limitless possibilities to create unique architectural solutions.

A good example of this kind of technology is located in the UK, Staffordshire – Keele University Innovation Centre 7.

Keele Univeristy Innovation Centre 7

This brand new facility is focused on harnessing and developing the digital technology.  It is a demonstrator for Smart Energy and promotes the highest sustainability standards. IC7 delivers modern workspace facilities alongside unique opportunities to access Keele’s world-leading research, academics and students. The building has received the highest energy-efficiency rating possible. It also has a number of electric vehicle charging points, and is powered by Keele’s on-site low carbon energy generation park, keeping energy bills and environmental impact low.

Digital in-glass print

The almost every piece of the 650m2 of IGU’s in this building was pattern printed and printing placed into the cavity of the IGU to provide a long lasting effect. Guardian SunGuard SuperNeutral SN70/37  with its high neutral light transmission ensures a good working environment while still providing the needed solar protection in the building.

HLM architects used parametric modelling to optimise glazing areas for each façade of the building. Which assess daylight access, thermal comfort and annual energy demand of the building. This resulted in an 18% reduction in energy use purely through good, passive design measures.

Keele University was founded almost 75 years ago. There are over 12,500 students and It is the largest campus university in the UK.