fbpx Glassense - Kattegattgymnasiet in Sweden

Kattegattgymnasiet in Sweden

Kattegattgymnasiet is Halmstad’s largest high school. The school has room for 1,600 students and 200 teachers on 19,500m2 of space. A brain-smart school that offers both vocational programs and college preparatory programs. The school works hard to ensure the quality of the education.

The building is constructed with 3 sections facing Tylösandsvägen, where each section has large glass facades. Kattegattgymnasiet is one of the largest construction projects in Halmstad’s history.

Glassense delivered about 200 square meters of tempered laminated Mirastar glass to this project.

Picture made by Preconal.

Mirastar is a glass with mirror effects shifting with light. Based on the lighting conditions, it reveals a mirror effect or a clear glass effect that transmits light. This allows the development of unique looks with spy mirror functionality.

Tempered glass is specially processed to increase its impact strength and reduce the risk of breakage. It is several times stronger than standard glass and breaks into small, safe pieces if damaged. It is 5-7 times stronger than the same glass in ordinary (non-tempered) version.

At Kattegattgymnasiet, you are given good conditions to succeed by focusing on knowledge, participation, responsibility, and leadership. Here you get both theoretical and practical knowledge while you develop as a person.

The school replaces an old school building built starting in the 60s. The new school is significantly more energy efficient than the old one. At the school, presence detectors ensure that the lighting is dimmed and then switched off if no one has moved in the room for a while. When the last person leaves the school and the alarm goes off, all lighting is automatically turned off to save energy.

Picture made by Preconal.