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Klaasimeister AS change of company name

We hereby inform You that as of 9.01.2023 the new business name of Klaasimeister AS is Glassense AS. All other corporate requisites (Reg. Nr; VAT Nr; Address; IBAN) are the same and have not changed.
In connection with that we kindly ask You to replace in Your infosystems the company name Klaasimeister AS with Glassense AS =>

Name: Glassense AS Address: Klaasi, Kolu 75121, Kose Parish, Harju County, Estonia
Reg. Nr: 10149878
VAT nr: EE100294266
IBAN: EE111010220293651227, AS SEB Pank

Our company´s current e-mail addresses and website will continue working for the time being.
We will launch our new website and domain during the forthcoming weeks and will inform You about it separately.